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It’s not all just White Noise!

Human Mum, Zoe Christien, White Noise machine

White Noise Machine. No this isn't just a nickname the kids have come up with for you, they are an actual thing.

I'm normally very dubious about a new tech fad, and at only 23 weeks pregnant I haven't gone out and bought one yet, but they come highly recommended by my sister and friends. So count this as a recommendation by proxy.

I can get onboard with the idea of these as there is logic and reasoning to them. They weren't as well known when I had my older 3 kids but with my second daughter being a particularly light sleeper (the creek of the staircase had her awake and alert) I think this would have really helped. I've always been a big advocate of a night light (I'll bark on about that another time) as I think a gentle warm light to assure the children they are in their bedroom and safe can only help with them resettling themselves. I feel this would also be true of sound. In the womb they have been used to a lot of noise from your blood flow, digestive system and noises from outside. They slept with them then and it makes sense that they would find that comforting once out in the big wide world.

As babies, I always had a star globe for them to fall asleep to which also played music. It worked pretty well and I could take it anywhere I needed the little one to go to sleep and there was an instant and reassuring familiarity. The down side was that the lights and music didn't always last long enough for them to drift of to sleep. The idea that a gentle sound continuously playing that dampens down noises made by siblings in the house and sudden sounds would be far less alarming, makes perfect sense.

It's worth noting that White Noise Machines are not just for babies. They are in essence for anyone who struggles with getting to sleep or even for use in an office environment where its hard to concentrate with the general hustle bustle around you. There are baby specific machines which include sounds of the womb and a heartbeat. There is also a thing called 'Pink noise' which is a slightly higher pitched range of sounds. The difference is almost inaudible, but you may just find it more pleasing.

So what are your white noise machine options. Well it one takes a quick Google to bring up lots of machines ranging in price from around £19.99-64.99, so you won't need much help sourcing one. But when trying to work out which is best for you, here are a few functions you may want to look out for.

- Volume control

- Sleep timer

- Range and type of sounds

- USB, Mains and battery power

- Pink noise

- Digital or fan powered sounds

This will defiantly be a purchase I make in preparation for my new arrival. But in the meantime I will continue to be the white noise option in my house and presume that they find my dulcet tones comforting...which is why they completely ignore me and continue to watch TV without even flinching!

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