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Mummy, I'm bored!

Human Mum, Board games, Zoe Christien

We love a board game in our house. My passion was slightly knocked at Christmas after the world's longest game of Balderdash, but I'm back in the game are the kids.

I've talked before about how an iPad used in moderation (and lets be honest, sometimes a bit more) is an invaluable tool for parents. But that doesn't mean that's all kids want, or need. Colouring books, note pads, building blocks and board games have an important place in their little world and they love them too. So I thought I would celebrate a few games that my kids (and I) are loving at the moment. A few old-school games and a few newer ones.

I'm going to start with a classic...

Guess Who? by Hasbro £11.99 (2 players. Age 6 years+)

Human Mum, Guess Who?, Zoe Christien

Hasbro completely messed this game up for a while with an unnecessary modification. But thankfully they have realised the error of their ways and brought it back in it's original table top style. Anyone who owned the original MB game back in the day can probably still remember some of the characters. This 2018 version has all new faces. It's quite funny as there are a couple characters which when asked "Are they male or female?" I found myself tilting my head and squinting my eyes as I tried to answer "Hmm. Why don't you ask about hair colour instead?"

The kids love this game and there are a few different versions out there. Arguments have broken out when questions are answered incorrectly, but as I remember, that's all part of the fun right?!

Next up...

Junior Bingo by Tactic £13.50 (2-6 players. Age 4-6 years)

Human Mum, Junior Bingo, Zoe Christien

This has been a huge hit in our house. The kids can play by themselves or we play as a family. My little boy enjoys getting to shout "Bingo!" at the top of his voice, which he tends to do whether he has completed a line or not! They say up to six years old, but there is no reason for older kids not to play along. Simple, family fun and I highly recommend it.

This one is for you and the older kids...

Phase 10 by Mattel £5.50 (2-6 players. Age 7 Years+)

Human Mum, Phase 10, Zoe Christien

This is a fun and pretty simple card game which often comes out when we have friends over. The rules are straight forward, which is always helpful when trying to explain/remember them with a few glasses on wine on board. Our eldest daughter has tried her hand at it a couple of times and really enjoyed it. The box has been sellotaped back together so many times that it now has a 'laminated' look, which is the sign of good use!

Not one for when the baby is sleeping...

Hungry Hungry Hippos by Hasbro £9.99

(2-4 players. Age 4 years+)

Human Mum, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Zoe Christien

So good they named (part of it) twice! My three year old loves loves loves this game! It doesn't get much more straight forward than this. Fast paced, noisy, lever slamming, hippo chomping fun. The only thing I would say about this game is that the balls are of 'easy swollowable' size if you have a little one in the house. Also, my son went through a phase of hiding the, as he calls them, Hippo apples and it was a bit of an expensive mission to get replacements. Hasbro, we need replacement balls which are easy to purchase please!

This game also comes in a fully enclosed travel size version which is great.

Here's another noisy one for you...

Charades for kids by Paul Lamond Games £8.50

(3+ players. Age 4 years+)

Human Mum, Charades for Kids, Zoe Christien

Charades of course has been around since the dark ages (with candles) and there are various versions of a junior game. The reason I really like this one is because the word cards have four different levels to play depending on the ages of the participants. There are pictures for non-readers, single words and then phrases. It means the game grows with the kids and they all find it hilarious.

I have no idea who Paul Lamond is, but he's done a great job with this revamp of a classic game.

I normally stop at five items, but I couldn't do a walk down Games memory lane without covering (I bet you think I'm going to say a memory game)...

Fishing Game by Chad Valley £6.99

(2-4 players. Age 3 years+)

Human Mum, Fishing Game, Zoe Christien

My kids were obsessed with this game at a friends house so my son has one coming for his 4th birthday. You all know it well and the rules are almost non-existent. (With the exception of Don't elbow your sister while shes trying to fish!) Again, as with all the old-school games, there are plenty of versions out there. It should also come under the heading of a 'noisy game' as the rotating pond isn't exactly whisper quiet, but hey ho.

I hope you like my little selection. These make kids birthday party presents and if you stock up, you can often get a deal on two games.

Happy gaming and don't responsibly!

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