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I simply couldn’t do without you!

We all have our ‘must-haves’ that get us through the week. I love finding a new product and getting that ‘Ooh, I haven't heard of that!’ moment, so I thought I’d share a few of mine with you...

Some of these are pregnancy related (as that is what I’m currently doing!) but others are a year round staple handbag item...

First up is a fab little product from MAC.

MAC Prep+Prime Skin Base Visage - £22.50

Used on it's own, this a great way to give yourself a flawless, fresh look but of course is also a fab primer for under foundation. Use it either way before you go out and very importantly after a flight when we all have that slight hang-dog look about us.

Next up is another makeup bag must.

Garnier B.B. eye roll on - £4.89

Not only is this good for the eyes but it's mini size and good colour options means you can use it to hide blemishes and skin discolouration as well. You go from tired to ready for the day in a couple of easy swipes!

So this one is mainly a preggers recommendation.

Bio Oil - 200ml from £13.33

I’ve been using Bio Oil since I first started to show a bump and apply it religiously morning and night. I've used it with all of my pregnancies and (I hope I’m not tempting fait here) but have escaped stretch mark free. I do have a friend who basted herself in Bio Oil like a well cooked chicken, but unfortunately still came out of pregnancy with some stripey friends in tow. I try to put a positive twist on it with 'could have been worse without the Bio Oil!'. All I can say is for me, I’ve found it works a treat and would highly recommend it. If you already have stretch marks for any reason, it's a good way to treat them.

This one is a general life, pre-holiday and pregnancy suggestion.

Ladies...Shellac your toes!

No more scuffed nails, no more smudged 'I didn't have time to let them dry properly before I put my shoes on' varnish and no more sitting in a nail bar for half an hour with your feet under a weak, barely warm nail dryer. Shellac isn't the only one, there are various nail gel brands and a thousand colour options to keep your feet looking effortlessly pretty. In pregnancy, when reaching your toes becomes an impossibility (maybe you can't see your feet, but remember others can!), you are still Summer flip flop ready. On that note, thank goodness for flip flops as tying shoes has also become quite the performance!

Sticking with the nail theme...

Sally Hansen - Nailgrowth Miracle £8.50

Anyone suffering from post (the longest winter ever!) brittle nails that are proving hard to grow will love Sally Hansen's Nailgrowth Miracle. Strengthens nails and they really do grow a lot faster.

Another post winter must-have...

Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer - £5.65

No one (including onlookers) likes the first time you get your pasty white legs out in the spring. You're in a catch 22 here, as if you don't get your legs out, they'll never brown! Here's your cheat. This no streaks bronzer is fab. Gives an even, natural colour which dries quickly. It has no sun protection in it so you can control the sunscreen level you use until your legs catch up with the season! Available in several bronzing strengths.

It feels like you only did your roots 5 minutes ago, but those greys have a way of breaking through!

L'oreal Magic Retouch - £4.99

Do your hair, spray your roots and off you go! It's that easy. Will get you through a night out or tie you over until your next hairdressers appointment. Thank you L'oreal!

So there you go. This isn’t a top end, high price tag, smug 'Look at the products I use!' list, but some everyday, wallet friendly ways to cheat the effects of everyday life! Despite what I tell my children, in the case of these products, cheating is winning!

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