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Fabulous at 40! (apparently)

The day I've been dreading for at least 25 years, finally hit me. My kids maths has got too good for me to claim I'm only 22 and I haven't been ID'ed in years... I DON'T WANT TO BE 40!

I have a range of emotions about D-Day. I've spent most of my time aged 39 with this underlying feeling of potential doom. You know, like when you're in an automatic car wash and the spinning brushes are heading for your windscreen. It could be awful with the spinning brushes crashing through the glass, destroying my car and decapitating me...or it could just roll over me. The day itself just made me mad. I didn't want to turn 40, I don't feel 40 and the fact that I can't control ageing just makes me a bit angry! I tried my best to ignore it, but every now and then it would pop into my head. You know, a bit like when you catch you pocket or belt loop on a door/drawer handle. You were walking around just fine and then BAM! The universe slams a metaphorical door in your face (this door happened to have the words 'YOU ARE 40!' written on it). From the morning after on wards it really wasn't too bad. You know, a bit like when you try sushi for the first time. The idea of it it horrendous, but add a little rice and spice and it's strangely moreish. It's now one of my favourite things (Sushi that is...not being 40).

I did eventually make my peace with it all and the feeling of just being plain mad about it deflated at the same rate as the giant silver '40' helium balloons which dominated the living room.

So back to day to day life and looking after my kids, one of which being my yummy 8 week old baby. Being the summer holidays here in England at the moment, I'm enjoying the lack of school run. Hubby is being great, has immersed himself in the family summer kid crazyness and is being a huge help. I do get the feeling however that he isn't overly enjoying my back seat driving of certain things he's doing around the house, as I am getting quite a few sarcastic comments as I 'guide' him on how I like it done. I'll give you a couple of examples...

Me: Honey can you rinse that out and put it in recycling please?

Him: I'll put you in recycling in a minute!

Me: Those go in the bottom drawer honey

Him: I'll put you in the bottom drawer in a minute!

Me: Can you seal the opening of the cereal please?

Actually, in this case he mumbled his response, but it did sound like he said he was going to do it....hmm.

That aside, thank goodness for the fab summer we're having and how easy that makes entertaining everyone. It's great the way it gives you the chance to venture out and visit heaps of places in our lovely country that bad weather would put you off going to.

There we are, ending on a #lovebritaininthesunshine note!

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