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Getting cubes!

With the fantastic summer we're having, there are plenty of excuses for a cool beverage or two. Why not give your drink a cool twist with fruit ice cubes. They not only look fab but serve a fruity purpose. (which is more than can be said for the paper umbrella!)

What you need:

Small firm fruit

Filtered water (it freezes clearer than tap water)

Ice cube tray with decent size sections

This is so simple and you can use almost any fruit. It is true that some fruits work and look better than others, but experiment a little. The skies the limit! (I might be over selling it a little here).

Fill the sections of an ice cube tray with filtered water to just under half way and freeze it.

Next cut up fruits into neat slices. Small strawberries, firm raspberries, lemons, limes etc. You want to cut them so you keep the fruit recognisable e.g. use slices from the centre section of a small strawberry to keep the 'heart' shape. Lemon and limes look nice cut into triangle slice and raspberries look good just sliced in half vertically.

Once the lower layer of water has frozen, place a piece of fruit neatly into each section and fill to the top with filtered water and freeze again.

It's that easy! More of an idea than a recipe, but a nice little touch to any summer cooler. You can also put a mint leaf into a cube to add to your Pimms!

Happy Summer!

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